WishList Tags

Wishlist Tags

Just like in Facebook or Twitter, with this plugin your members can tag each other in comments or forum discussions. The person is then notified and invited to join the discussion which has proven to immediately increase interaction within any membership site.

Wishlist Tags mirrors the functionality of Twitter and Facebook by providing your members the ability to “tag” one another in posts, pages, comments and even forum threads by adding the sign @ + the member’s name.

The member who was tagged gets an email notification plus a link to the exact page he was tagged in to allow him to respond and continue the conversation inside the membership site.

How Can Wishlist Tags Empower Your Membership Site?

  • Wishlist Tags increases the interactions and communication between your members by allowing them to tag one another
  • Wishlist Tags return members to your your membership site and increasing their involvement by sending them an email each time they are tagged
  • Wishlist Tags increases the retention rates and engages your members

Wishlist Welcome Tutorial


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